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Wandering Traveler

Are you looking for support for you, your relationship or your kids?

Are you unsure of what to do? Feeling overwhelmed by these struggles? 

You don’t have to do this alone and neither do your kids.

I am here to support you, your relationship, and your family.

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Hello! I'm Angela and I'm here to support you and your family. There is so much pressure on us as parents to know everything, to do it all just right and to do it on our own! When it comes to our children's mental wellness we hate to see them struggle, we do copious amounts of research, and we try numerous things to shift and support  them in working through their concerns. This is an amazing feat, but not one that you need to do on your own. We all struggle to reach out for support as we think it makes us weak or that we should know all the answers. I am here to tell you that perfect parenting and knowing everything doesn't exist. We can't know everything it just isn't possible. It's okay to not know!

As a counsellor I have spent many, many years training to support children and youth (7 years and up) and their families who are experiencing anxiety, anger, separation and divorce, grief and loss and self esteem concerns. It would be an honour to assist you and your family to increase your tools around the main concern and be able to take on whatever life throws at you.


Contact me

Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.

*Limited evening appointments available.


Thank you for the message!

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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